Friday, February 11, 2011

Hot Russian Women

Sometimes I get a lot of emails about this blog; most times I don't. Here's a sampling of the emails I have received:

"I'm going to Moscow next month on a business trip. Can you recommend any ways to meet Russian girls?"

"'re a pussy. Why don't you have more pictures of Russian chics [sic] on your blog?"

"...if I were you, I would'nt have got married and would have been spending the last year banging Russian babes...."

"I take great offence at the portrayal of womyn on your blog. As a womyn myself, I believe that you represent the majority of men who are dull-witted, pig-headed chauvinists and the propoganda on your blog is nothing more than blablablabla...."

(I wonder how entries like "A Brief History of Mytischi" makes me chauvinist...the fact of the matter is that most of the emails I receive are concerning one specific entry, about a time I drank vodka with two Russian strippers. The fact that this femi-nazi is concentrating on this particular entry shows a certain amount of interest on her part, as it is this sexualized entry that she focuses on and not the more mundane life I've lived in Moscow, which makes up 99% of this blog.)

"At first I thought you were just another uninformed American, but after reading your blog I realized that you are an uninformed Canadian. You spew out garbage and misinformation as fact and you obviously know nothing about Russia. Your display of women is particularly disgusting."

(This was from a Mr. J. Malandjer, obviously a fanatical academic, and I would invite Mr. Malandjer to not only come to Russia and see for himself what I've been writing about, but to also act like a better-than-thou douchebag to my face.)

It is true: Russian women are generally stunning. Most of the fashion magazine models in the world are Russian, and most of the girls in Moscow could be fashion magazine models. They are filled with a mysteriously powerful femininity, charming flirtatiousness and have great fashion sense (at least in Moscow).

With so much interest, both positive and negative, concerning my blog and Russian women, I've decided to finally post what I've been seeing for the past couple of years, mainly, seriously hot, sexy, beautiful women (take that feminists and academics! Welcome to a man's blog!).


  1. “Why NOT marry a Russian woman?” by Nadia Dantos
    If you are nursing the idea of getting married to a woman from any of the Russian states, get ready for a strange and new eye opening experience. From the very beginning it is destined not to be an easy ride. Starting from the differences in mentality, the language barrier, the usual age gap between the two of you, and finishing with the intimidating immigration process in the former soviet countries, this project of yours may become one of your worst nightmares. Building a strong and happy relationship with a "Russian girl" seems to be the greatest affair of your personal life, yet this commonly encountered illusion among Western men, when applied in real life, proves to remain what it really is: just an illusion.
    "Western World is a funny world.
    It is to me at least – an Eastern European girl – who was literally propelled into this authentic world, through marriage to a Westerner.
    Now, everything that happened in my life, before that eye opening experience, seems like an extended version of the army training. Why so? Because when you are born and raised in a third world country, particularly in a former Soviet Union state, and you are ripped out of your home town and put into a Western environment, you start to really realize how much stronger, wiser and meaner we are comparing to the ‘'modern'' people. The arising question would be whether this is a good thing or a bad thing in terms of survival? - I am not the one to judge, yet one thing is certain: Eastern European women WILL NEVER FEEL LIKE A PART OF THE WESTERN WORLD, even after decades of living in it.


    Find it on the

  2. I couldn't agree for more that Russian girls are among the most beautiful and sexy girls in the world. I look up with the Russian models especially the ones appearing in Victoria's Secret because they are like goddesses descending from Mt. Olympus.

  3. Ukrainian girls are among the most beautiful in the world, but in reality, they are related to Russian ladies. So, just come to Odessa and join me. I'm waiting.

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