Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best of 2010

Here is my annual list of the things that will remind me of 2010, if any body cares.

Movie: Cool Runnings

I spent a large part of January and February watching this film with my classes, fitting in nicely with my Vancouver Olympics-themed lessons (which were happening at the time).

TV Show: Peep Show

This hilarious British show was introduced to me by Quagmire and Ms. Australia, and I brought it back to Canada in September where it was an instant hit with those I showed it to. My favourite episode remains the one where he eats the dog...

Musical Artist: Sloan

Riding on the marshroutka nearly every day in 2010, and for some strange reason the same song by Sloan would be shuffled into play on my ipod. Now, every time I hear any song by Sloan, I'm reminded of a Russian marshroutka.

Book: The Master & Margarita (by M. Bulgakov)

Definitely hands-down the best book I read in 2010. I gobbled it up while I was deathly ill in July and loved not only the satire and the bashing of the communist elite in Russia, but also the way the author switches back and forth from Pontas Pilot's dealings with Christ before the cruxifiction to the comedic devil and his trio running amuck in Moscow.

Song: Say Hello (by Deep Dish)

This song will always remind of me three things: Moscow nightclubs, Moscow girls and the Moscow Metro, and I don't know why, but as I listened to each song I had nominated to represent the song of 2010 for me, this song stood out above all the others of conjuring up the most memories and images of that year.

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