Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 In Photos

2010 was a very interesting year for me. The moment it started, in the early minutes of January 1st, I was greeted by a cacaphony of noisy fireworks, and the year progressed in much the same manner. Below is my 2010 captured in photographs, from the cold snows of wintery Moscow to the epic history of Volgograd to the brilliant colours of an Ontario autumn.

Industrial-sized fireworks being lit in Shyolkova. January 1st 2010

Quagmire, Mr. Irish and Mr. Irish's friend. January 1st 2010

During the New Year holidays Quagmire and I did a drinking tour of Moscow, and despite getting extremely drunk (and spending all our money) we saw some interesting sights. January 2010.

Park Pabyedi (Victory Park). February 2010

In the metro going to the Moscow Ballet Company. February 2010

Winter Wonderland! Shyolkova, February 2010

Watching the Olympic gold-medal hockey game between Canada and the US. Katya made these mittens herself. February 2010.

Quagmire and Ms. Australia. Their uneasy relationship is easy to see. March 2010

Surrounded by beautiful women at one of our house parties. April 2010

Dutchie, Katya and Q in Volgograd. May 2010

The mighty Volga River. May 2010

The Rodina Matr statue on the top of Mamaev Kurgan. Volgograd, May 2010

The flour mill memorial to the fighting at Stalingrad. Volgograd, May 2010

Sexy girls and interesting fashions. Volgograd, 2010

On the train from Volgograd to Moscow. May 2010.

Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. May 9, 2010

A Russian wedding: Sasha and Galya wed. June 2010.

My "handlers", Olga and Vlada, at our end-of-school-year party. June 2010.

Wonderpants' last night in Russia. The two of us got incredibly drunk alone together and sang sea shanties. June 2010.

Smoke from the burning peat bogs and forest fill Moscow, adding more misery to the +42 degree heat. July 2010.

Katya and I get married in ZAGS in Moscow. August 2010.

Thatched-roof pub in Daventry, England. September 2010.

Quagmire and I did a drinking tour of London, and despite getting extremely drunk (and spending all our money) we saw some interesting sights. September 2010.

Beautiful autumn near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. October 2010

My sister and brother in Ottawa. Over the past few years I have grown closer to my family and it was such a joy to spend two months with them in the fall. October 2010.

First snowfall of the new winter. Katya in Shyolkova. November 2010.

Doing something. I don't know what. Shyolkova, December 2010.

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  1. What a great idea showing the year in photos! My favourite is you on the train from Volgograd to Moscow, very M. C. Escher