Thursday, July 29, 2010


Despite what the image this blog may convey, I'm not actually an alcoholic. Many, if not most, of my entries have been made while I've been completely lucid. Some of them have been made while under the influence, which is something that is not unheard of in Russia. In fact, if somebody has a moral or physical aversion to alcohol I would suggest avoiding Russia.

As for those better-than-thou "let me give you some advice about alcohol" do-gooders who stumble across this blog from time to time, and send me emails about the evils of drinking and Jesus Christ and what not (you know who you are), all I can say is: "Welcome to Russia".

For those who have spent any amount of time reading what I write here, you may have noticed that my thoughts and opinions have turned vile as of late. This sudden turn to negativity from an otherwise usually positive outlook on life has everything to do with the unprecedented heatwave which is scorching Russia into dust and my forced move from Mytischi to Moscow. I have lately become what we in Canada call an "unhappy camper".

My friends have all left. Wonderpants and Ms. Australia went home and although I stay in regular Facebook touch with them, they are no longer physical entities in my life. Gem still floats in and out of my life but my contact with her was always through Ms. Australia and we lead pretty much separate lives. Quagmire is long-gone. Katya is my anchor in this over-heated country but the fact of the matter is that I have a difficult time getting smashed, talking about hot chicks at the bar, puking into a bush and passing out in a bus shelter with her. She's not really into that and has a completely different idea about how her future husband should behave (here's a note to all women: any man you are interested in has done/will do the same things I've described above, unless he is gay in which case you don't have a chance...even if he is gay he'll probably do those things anyways).

Combine the heat with the loss of friends and social status and sprinkle in some professional disgruntlement and mix it up with the overall shitty quality of life of Moscow and voila! You have one unhappy blogger!

Tonight after work I got drunk with a few British colleagues at a little kiosk outside the school. Then I came home and turned my fan to "high", quickly got bored and started writing. And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Whatever happened to Quagmire after he left?

  2. I could never write while frustrated. Kudos to you and don't worry 'bout the heat wave. You'll be freezing your ass off before you can even say "зима".