Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plain Zany

This is an attempt at an animation I made with one of my favourite students, B-Boy. This 11 year-old kid has fantastic
English and a wild imagination and we spend a large part of our one-on-one classes drawing crazy cartoons and laughing.

He has lived in England, done a driving tour of the U.S.A. and vacationed extensively in the Caribbean, and his adventures
show in the way he thinks. For instance, the day I met him he said, with his British accent, "My father thinks that Boston
is the cultural heart of America, but I much prefer Buffalo!"

He's been on a kick lately of drawing cartoons of Eddie Murphy, floating for all eternity through space and singing "I like
to move it move it!" and getting into random adventures.

So below is the zany imagination of B-Boy in the form of a cartoon that we made by drawing pictures on the white board
and taking photographs. The story is all his; I simply supplied the technical means to produce it.

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