Sunday, June 21, 2009

Axis & Allies

So it's nealry 1 am Saturday night...or rather, Sunday morning althoug it's not that late but I always consider it the night before until I go to sleep and wake up, and THEN it's the next day to me.

Anyways, I just won a game of Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition (the one with Italy and China as seperate entities). I was playing with my brother JV and his two friends MG and C. My brother was the USSR, I was the UK and the USA and China, MG was Japan and C was Germany and Italy. My brother, as the USSR did all the hard work against Germany and fought some key battles in the Baltics and East Polan, but the USA took control of the Pacific and bombed the living fuck out of German and Italian factories. Anyways, we won.

I guess the point of the story is that while we played we drank a ton of beer and smoked a few fat joints and as I write this I'm cross-eyed and the room is spinning, and Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups is playing and I think I need some water.

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